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We welcome you to Likoni AIDS Orphanage (newly named as Likoni Aid 4 Children Centre) whose basis of formation being to care and protect orphans both affected and infected by HIV/AIDS epidemic, abandoned, neglected and the less privileged children in the society.

It was founded in the year 2001 by Rev. Ernest Ombeva Anzani in collaboration with the community of Timbwani after bearing witness to vulnerable children languishing in the corridors of the sprawling slums of Timbwani.

It was then that the vision of rays of hope for African children came to birth.


 We found in Kenya located in Mombasa County, Likoni sub-County – southern part of coast region, Timbwani ward along the Shelly Beach Road.


We are a charitable organization that care and protect vulnerable children through provision of essential programs that ensures comfortability, flexibility, successful transition and a brighter future for them.

Below are the mentioned programs;

  1. The basic needs support sponsorship program, this includes feeding, clothing, accommodation and security.
  2. The educational sponsorship program that ensures that the children stay in school and get quality education.
  3. The medical care plan program that caters for children’s health issues.
  4. Guiding & counseling program
  5. The Technical Vocational Training (TVT) program that equips the children with life skills like tailoring, bead work, T-shirt printing and many more.
  6. The volunteering program that allows volunteers to visit and stay at the orphanage in aid of material, technical, spiritual, manpower and financial support.

We provide all these programs through the support from well –wishers and volunteers who visit the orphanage and offer to help the children.

For that reason, we gladly welcome volunteers to our volunteering program to experience orphanage life in Africa, share skills and techniques, advocate and network for the benefit of the children and the caregivers.


  1. Provision and promotion of quality education.
  2. Provision of good nutrition and improved health services
  3. Socio-economic empowerment through promotion of sports, talents and vocational life skills.
  4. Affordable and conducive housing facilities to the vulnerable children.
  5. Charitable volunteer programme for sustainability and skills promotion.


  1. Establishment of Agri- projects e.g., poultry, fish farming, cricket farming, vegetable gardens etc.
  2. Establishment of vocational training centre e.g. I.T, tailoring, baking, African art work, soap making etc.
  3. Community engagement in peace initiative programmes.
  4. Community First aid training and disaster management programme.


Our solid principal values believing in God knowing that we going to wake up tomorrow to execute His godly given responsibilities to embrace humanity. It is what has become of these children that keep the fire burning for us to work more. We are proud of the positive developments and life changing stories that has been witnessed along our charity journey.

Our love is priceless and has got no charge.


LAOC has played a big role in transforming not only Timbwani area but Kenya as a country. We have provided services to children who have become responsible community members and part of the work force of our country. To name but just a few;

  1. We have a number of our former children working in Kenya Navy, teaching in various schools, others in hotel industry, several in entrepreneurship and others who are still in universities.
  2. Our advocacy and campaign on 0% stigmatization on HIV patients have improved on the self-esteem and how the community embraces the patients. It is okay currently in our community to talk about your status without fear of being stigmatized.
  3. We have contributed largely on the security stability within our region through guiding and counseling session with the radicalized youths to realize who they are and their worth in life, hence providing shelter for juvenile gangs who are ready to reform and go back to school.
  4. We have successfully introduced family strengthening programmes within the community working hand in hand with the widows, single mums and the less privileged in the society, by providing motivational speeches, food items and education sponsorship. In this way we ensure that families stick together rather than sending their children to orphanages.


In our service provision to the vulnerable children, we would like to give the best to them but lack of man-power and financial stability has hindered effective and efficient service provision.

The listed are some of our operational challenges that we kindly submit a humble request for mentorship and support;

  1. Lack of a permanent home for conducive accommodation, privacy and security for the children; we currently live in a rental house, moving from place to place like nomads which affects the children psychologically and physically.
  2. Lack of well-established basic programs to enhance the educational needs. We depend on well-wishers and bursaries that are not efficient enough to keep the children stay in school throughout the year. We wish to propose through willing stake holders or sponsors or individual for a mutual partnership in establishing an international sponsorship program. We are open minded for suggestions.
  3. Poor infrastructure and access to social amenities.
  4. Lack of clean water for drinking and domestic purposes.
  5. Political and religious discrimination in budget allocation in both county and national government.
  6. Lack of effective and efficient man power support and sustainability.
  7. Insecurity due to political influence and the rising juvenile gangs.
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