Volunteering Program

Since its inception in 2001, the Children Centre had infused a volunteering program for foreigners and visitors which would help it sustain itself and slowly rebuild from ground-up.

We do welcome you to a wonderful charitable programme that ensures your stay with memorable moments forever in your heart. Sharing of the untold and unseen stories of African orphanages and living their tales creates an irreplaceable bond that holds steady through time despite the differences in our cultures. The programme is all about:

  1. Hosting volunteers or travelers at the campus (Same as the children centre).
  1. Giving full board meals and basic amenities such as electricity, running water, etc.
  1. Engaging them in intercultural or educational activities with the children.
  1. Letting them adapt to the local environment.

All of these comes at a minimal cost (less than a local lodge for a month!!) which adds up to the benefit of the children centre in different ways.

Through this programme, one learns how to give and gain while partaking in charitable activities within the project. One learns to share and shares to care.

Volunteers, nomads & travelers engage in the following skills:

  1. African Cuisine.
  2. Henna art.
  3. African dances and culture orientation.
  4. Stress reliever games with kids
  5. Local tours and Safaris.
  6. Teaching programs.
  7. Digitized Classroom development and management.
  8. Helping hand in IT and software systems.
  9. Independent donations on food, clothing, stationary items, etc.

The major facilitators of these activities are the children within our custody, who share their skills and techniques to the guests; in return these funds contribute indirectly towards their educational support from the proceeds obtained from the activities.

We issue certificates to the volunteers as part of our appreciation and appraisal. Mostly the student volunteers or collegiates get a boost to their careers in the field of childcare and social welfare in future.

The above-mentioned activities are charged at minimal costs as proposed by the management and one is free to participate in any activity, according to the skill concerned.

The proceeds from these activities are usually deposited to the orphanage treasury which helps in proper management towards the kid’s welfare fund.

We appreciate your cooperation and participation as we all look forward for a long-lasting mutual relationship and partnership in making this programme a success, for the benefit of the children, caregivers and all esteemed guests.

For any questions, suggestions or discussions, kindly contact the programme manager on;

# +254722694619

WA: +639665246045

Mail us at likoniaid4cc@gmail.com


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